230v 16a Plug to 16a Connector with Inline RCD 1m 2.5mm HO7RN-F


230v 16a Plug to 16a Connector with Inline RCD 1m 2.5mm HO7RN-F



Marten Inline 16 Amp Residual Current Device (RCD) Breaker IP66

Here at Marten, safety is a core aspect of our business.  The Residual Current Device (RCD) Breaker is a sensitive safety device that automatically (and quickly) switches off the electricity supply to connected equipment if there is a fault.

Specifically an RCD is designed to significantly reduce your risk of receiving a fatal electric shock, perhaps if a fault develops somewhere in the connected electrical equipment or if you touch something live – for example a bare wire, but also gives some protection against electrical fires too.
The RCD offers a level of personal protection above & beyond that which ordinary fuses and circuit breakers simply don’t provide; by definition an RCD is a life-saving device.

The Marten inline 16A RCD IP66 is a high quality, extremely durable device.  It is portable with an IP66 rating (weatherproof & dustproof) – ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Voltage – 220v-250v
Max Load – 3680w @ 230v
Amps – 16a
Max Trip Time – 30mA
IP Rating – IP66
Dimensions – 21cm L x 4.96cm H
Max Cable Diameter Entry – 2.5mm HO7RN-F

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